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Wine List with Allergens

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Sparklers are great food wines as generally they have a mouth-watering quality that makes them an ideal partner for fish and other seafood, as well as light chicken dishes, salads and many lightly-flavoured starters.

Da Luca Prosecco, Italy
Pear and peach fruit on a lively, yet soft and generous palate. (S) 
Bottle £29.95

Da Luca Rosato Spumante, Italy
Fresh and vibrant raspberry and strawberry scented fizz made from a blend of Merlot and Raboso. (S)
Bottle £29.95

Louis Dornier et Fils Brut, France
A light, fresh, vigorously youthful Champagne with a fine, elegant, slightly lemony nose, lively mousse and long, crisp palate. (S) 
Bottle £40.00
SILVER (NV) International Wine Challenge 2011
SILVER List (NV) Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

Bottega Gold Prosecco Brut, Italy *
Characteristic, fruity with scents of golden apple, Williams pear, acacia flowers and
lily of the valley. (S) 
20cl £7.75 • Bottle £36.95

Bottega Rose Gold, Italy *
Notes of mixed red berries alongside floral and white fruit aromas. (S) 
20cl £7.95 • Bottle £39.95

Camel Valley Brut, England
Aromas of spring flowers, the palate is rich with bubbles and finishes with a refined, zesty lemon and pastry fruit character. 
Bottle £48.00

Laurent-Perrier Brut L.P., France 
Dry and lemony with a crisp, biscuity finish. From the three classic grape varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. (S) 
Bottle £65.00

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut, France 
The briefest liaison with grape skins tantalisingly leaves this delicate colour yet exudes a floral fragrance evolving soft red berry richness. (S)
Bottle £78.00
SILVER (NV) International Wine Challenge 2011

Very Dry, Light, Delicate White

Delicately flavoured, crisp, generally with a very dry finish. Ideally suited to partner light, delicately flavoured dishes, particularly fish, shellfish and light salads. They are particularly good with Mediterranean dishes.

Pinot Grigio di Pavia, Collezione Marchesini, Italy
Lovely buttery, crisp and dry style with typical pear fruit from this area of central northern Italy in the southern section of Lombardy. (S) 
175ml £4.75 • 250ml £6.75 • Bottle £19.95

Leiras Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain
Exhibits fresh green apple and citrus aromas with a pinch of spice on a dry, minerally palate. (S) 
SILVER OUTSTANDING (2012) International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
COMMENDED (2009) International Wine Challenge 2011
Bottle £27.50

Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie, Cuvée du Millénaire, Marquis de Goulaine, France
Appetising, crisp acidity and appley fruit, the palate is bone-dry and light. (S) 
Bottle £22.00

Dry, Herbaceous or Aromatic White

Great with white fish, chicken and other white meat dishes, particularly when cooked with green herbs or in creamy sauces. The most aromatic and less dry wines work well with lightly spiced dishes.

Waipara Hills Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand *
Gernerous and lifted, showing powerful aromas of nettle and snow pea: the palate bursts with fresh citrus, grapefruit and melon notes. (S) (M)
BRONZE (2013) Sommelier Wine Awards 2014
175ml £5.85 • 250ml £8.40 • Bottle £24.00

Juicy, Fruit-Driven, Ripe White

Richly flavoured with the attention firmly on their ripe, often, tropical fruit character. They have the weight of flavour to cope with strongly flavoured seafood, chicken and pork dishes which may be lightly spiced or have light creamy sauces.

Cullinan View Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa
Deliciously fresh and creamy with peachy fruit character. A classic South African style. (S) (M)
175ml £4.45 • 250ml £6.25 • Bottle £18.00

Mill Cellars Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia
Rich and rounded citrus and tropical fruits seasoned with vanilla spice. (S) (M)
175ml £4.85 • 250ml £6.95 • Bottle £19.95

Élevé Marsanne-Viognier, Pays d'Oc, France
Soft and aromatic with notes of peach blossom and citrus on the deliciously refreshing finish. (S)
175ml £5.40 • 250ml £7.85 • Bottle £22.50

Casa Albali Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc, Valdepeñas, Spain
A refreshing aromatic wine: shows notes of apple and tropical fruit. (S)
175ml £4.45 • 250ml £6.25 • Bottle £18.00

Rosé Wine 

Roséwines can range from being very dry to very sweet and this is key to partnering them with food, they can be quite flexible with food as long as the sweetness level of the dish is matched. Chicken, fish and summer-cuisine can all be enhanced with a chilled glass.

Vendange White Zinfandel, California, USA
A brief time with juice and skin together gives this delicate colour, delicious strawberry aroma and zingy freshness. (S)
175ml £4.85 • 250ml £6.60 • Bottle £19.95

Pinot Grigio Rosato del Veneto, Collezione Marchesini, Italy
Dry and subtly flavoured raspberry and apple-scented rosé from the north-east of Italy. (S)
175ml £5.05 • 250ml £7.15 • Bottle £21.50

Juicy, Medium-Bodied, Fruit-Led Red

With their juicy fruit character these wines make great partners for fuller-flavoured pork and chicken dishes particularly those with dark, rich sauces. Delicious with grilled lamb, roast beef, game, char-grilled vegetables or baked pasta.

Casa Albali Tempranillo-Shiraz, Valdepeñas, Spain
Plenty of ripe cherry and plum fruit flavours, smooth finish. (S)
175ml £4.45 • 250ml £6.25 • Bottle £18.00

Cullinan View Pinotage, Western Cape, South Africa
Rich, full and spicy with good levels of fruit aromas and flavour, made with South Africa's own grape variety. (S) (M) (E)
175ml £4.85 • 250ml £6.95 • Bottle £19.95

Granfort Cabernet Sauvignon, Pays d’Oc, France *
All the classic blackcurrant aromas and flavours, balanced with a soft, tannic
finish. (S)
175ml £5.05 • 250ml £7.15 • Bottle £21.50

Errázuriz 1870 Teno Block Merlot, Curicó Valley
Lovely juicy plum fruit character, which shows hints of spice on the smooth finish. (S)
175ml £5.05 • 250ml £7.15 • Bottle £21.50

Élevé Pinot Noir, Vin de France, France
From the foothills of the Pyrenees, soft, lightly oaked cherries and blueberries with a hint of spice. (S)
175ml £5.45 • 250ml £7.75• Bottle £22.50

Don Jacobo Rioja Crianza Tinto, Bodegas Corral, Spain *
Abundant bright raspberry aromas mingle with sumptuous cherries and layered with a creamy barrique character. (S)
SILVER (2009) International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
COMMENDED (2007) International Wine & Spirit Competition 2011

Bottle £25.50

Spicy, Peppery, Warming Red

Their spicy character and often rich, fruity style make them a good selection with strongly flavoured beef and lamb dishes. The richest, ripest wines, when paired with spicy foods, act as if to turn the heat up.

Passori Rosso, Veneto, Italy *
Rich, smooth red wine, showing plum and dried fruit followed by notes of spice and vanilla. (S)
Bottle £24.50
SILVER (2013) Sommelier Wine Awards 2014

Mill Cellars Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, Australia
Forest fruits such as blackberries dominate the fruit-packed palate. (S) (M) (E)
175ml £4.95 • 250ml £6.65 • Bottle £19.95
COMMENDED (2009) International Wine Challenge 2011

Callia Lunaris Malbec, San Juan, Argentina
Enticing aromas of cherry, plum with a background of warming spice, with freshness to the finish. (S)
175ml £5.45 • 250ml £7.75 • Bottle £22.00

Sophisticated, Polished, Complex Red

Mainly from Europe's classic wine regions, these wines have been made by traditional production methods, often with prolonged ageing; they are graceful, yet may be quite full-bodied. They exhibit complex palates, with the fruit flavours being developed and well-intergrated.

Château des Bardes, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, France 
The wine has rich, fruit aromas: juicy, sweet tannins backed by soft touches of vanilla-toastiness from time spent in oak. (S)
COMMENDED (2010) Sommelier Wine Awards 2014
Bottle £29.50

Where sold by the glass available in 125ml, please ask.
*Wines recommended by the team at Kings.

Allergies & Intolerances: Should you have concerns about an allergy or intolerance please speak to our staff before you order your drink
S = Sulphites
M= Milk
E= Egg
F= Fish

MC80440SW for the facts drinkaware.co.uk

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